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"Matt has been my trusted, reliable financial advisor for the last couple of years. He's friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He takes time to explore the long-term goals for me and my family and is always aware of our current circumstances. I'd highly recommend him to anyone looking for expert financial planning."

- James Mackay

"Matt has been much help as my financial advisor. He considered my overall situation, forecasted a plan and recommended a suitable pension and pension fund for myself. Highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for a financial advisor in Manchester."

- Callum Wadell

Review of Momentum Wealth Financial Advisor Manchester

"I was looking for financial advice and future planning particularly as I was in a sort of crossroads with some important decisions and needed an impartial insight.

I was very glad to have met Matt Routledge and his team at Momentum/Broadoak. Their services and ethos are a great fit for me : they look at all aspects of one's life holistically and understand that making more money is not necessarily the end goal for all.

I found Matt to be very approachable, understanding and willing to answer all my questions. I am very happy with the advice given and the detail and consideration in the report.  I look forward to working with Matt in the years to come."

- Maria Sif

Review of Momentum Wealth Financial Advisor Manchester

"Matt has been a tremendous support! This advisor office has a good mix of experience while also being able to understand the needs of a younger person just starting out. Very diligent and patient along the way! 100% recommend"

- Klara Foltynova

Review of Momentum Wealth Financial Advisor Manchester
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